Easter at St Peter Church

I hope you all had a Blessed and Happy Easter!

I attended the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Peter church this weekend in Danbury. A beautiful time of worship.  It is always a moving experience for the parishioners to welcome the new members of the Body of Christ to the parish.  Some baptized, others baptized into other Christian faiths and embracing Catholicism and many baptized Catholics who can fully participate in the life of the Church through Confirmation and Eucharist.

Twenty-seven men and women were welcomed to the Church: Rosa Calderon, Felix Echavaria, Edwin Galdamez, Mirna Menendez, Christopher Nunez, Jonathan Ortega, Pam Rist, Julia Rist, Mario Sari, Nadia Virgile, Warren Wadsworth, Christina Williams, Anna Gomes, Caique Roberto, Eduardo de Oliveira, Eduilo da Siva, Gabriel de Souza, Guilherme Nascimento, Mariana Dimario, Mike Martins, Mirian da Silva, Nagila Reis, Paloma Xavier, Pauliane Santo, Renata Oliveira, Sandra Chaves and Washington Guimaraes.

We pray they will grow in divine love and faith!

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