Easter at St Peter Church

I hope you all had a Blessed and Happy Easter!

I attended the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Peter church this weekend in Danbury. A beautiful time of worship.  It is always a moving experience for the parishioners to welcome the new members of the Body of Christ to the parish.  Some baptized, others baptized into other Christian faiths and embracing Catholicism and many baptized Catholics who can fully participate in the life of the Church through Confirmation and Eucharist.

Twenty-seven men and women were welcomed to the Church: Rosa Calderon, Felix Echavaria, Edwin Galdamez, Mirna Menendez, Christopher Nunez, Jonathan Ortega, Pam Rist, Julia Rist, Mario Sari, Nadia Virgile, Warren Wadsworth, Christina Williams, Anna Gomes, Caique Roberto, Eduardo de Oliveira, Eduilo da Siva, Gabriel de Souza, Guilherme Nascimento, Mariana Dimario, Mike Martins, Mirian da Silva, Nagila Reis, Paloma Xavier, Pauliane Santo, Renata Oliveira, Sandra Chaves and Washington Guimaraes.

We pray they will grow in divine love and faith!

Learning the Richness of our Faith

Our faith is so full and rich that we deprive ourselves by not learning about it.  So many of us think that once we have received the Sacrament of Confirmation that we are finished learning!  It is actually just the beginning of growing in our faith as adults.  One of the great resources for learning about our faith is from Bishop Robert Barron who created Word On Fire Ministries which includes blogs, FB, website and probably Twitter.  His excellent series on Catholicism taught me so much more about the faith when it aired on EWTN.  I check his postings regularly and his Reflections on Palm Sunday show the almost haunting connections throughout the Bible.  Enjoy it here and I recommend that you follow him.  Reflections on Palm Sunday

Reconciliation Monday-Danbury, CT

Bishop Caggiano has set Monday, March 26th as a Day of Reconciliation throughout the Diocese of Bridgeport.  In the Danbury area, three churches will offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation between 3 and 9 PM so that the lay faithful may experience God’s mercy as Holy Week begins.  Those churches are:

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus parish, 46 Stone St., Danbury
  • St. Edward the Confessor parish, 21 Brush Hill Road, New Fairfield
  • St. Joseph Parish, 8 Robinson Ave. Danbury

Walking With Purpose

Last year, I read about a women’s Bible study group through an article in the National Catholic Register (NCR) that was growing by leaps and bounds.  I made a note of it and then, recently, a parishioner from my parish, St. Peter church in Danbury, CT told me that she had attended a one-day retreat with this group at St Rose of Lima in Newtown, CT.  It was a wonderful experience and she was very impressed with those leading the retreat.

I am including the article here from NCR.  You can visit the group’s website at walkingwithpurpose.com.

Walking with Purpose-NCR_Page_1Walking with Purpose-NCR_Page_2Walking with Purpose-NCR_Page_3Walking with Purpose-NCR_Page_4