Welcome to my blog! I am starting this blog for several reasons. First, to be resource for Catholics in the Greater Danbury area. Second, to be a place where news, ideas and stories relating to and living our faith can be expressed. Over the past few decades, living the faith has become increasingly difficult especially for families who are concerned with raising children who are true witnesses to Jesus Christ and His love for all people.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, I hope to be a resource to anyone seeking Jesus whether they have been a long time in the faith or just becoming curious about our Lord.

I am a cradle Catholic, married with two grown children, who has always been involved with my faith. After a career in the pharmaceutical industry, I moved into a second career teaching Irish language classes in the area and getting more involved in my faith. Both enhancing each other. After doing the Ignatian Spirituality Exercises and the 19th Annotation, I am now involved in several ministries in my parish. So, the journey continues. – John Feeney


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